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Welcome to Chacra Wellness


We believe that wellness incorporates complete Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness. We are all about letting your light shine and being the best you can be at any age, shape or size.

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Let Your Light Shine


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Our Events Schedule is constantly changing with new exciting classes available every week! If you are curious about what events on taking place throughout the week please visit our Facebook Page!


Chacra Wellness

Leduc, Alberta


Alice Chalifoux is the founder of Chacra Wellness. She has been practicing in the wellness field for over 2 decades. She brings an immense amount of knowledge and personal experience! She started Chacra with the intent to live  and share her personal mission statement:


"My mission is to model healing through reclaiming

the Divine spirit of acceptance, love & light."


The entire staff at Chacra has a passion for assisting you on your journey to heal in all areas of your existence speaks volumes to the ever-growing list of happy clients.