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Biopulsar Hand Plate
Biopulsar Readings
Colour Energy

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Biopulsar Readings

Our Biopulsar Readings are done in our salt haven in Leduc by our founder, Alice Chalifoux. This is a two part style of reading in that you get the scientific print outs of actual measurements that modern technology allows AND an interpretation with intuitive readings as well.

You receive a full photo of YOUR aura & Chakra levels in a brochure with a personal reading.

Alice, our Guru of Frou-Frou,  walks you through a reading of what each of these things symbolizes in your Complete Body, Mind, and Spirit journey and then offers simple exercises in Colour Energy & using Essential Oils to bring about a more harmonious sense of well being.

In her readings she  even gives homework on how to continue your own healing journey.

Colour energy tips are given so you can focus on your particular body's health needs and continue your healing journey.

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