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Organic Himalayan Salt Haven 


Our Salt Haven is the only one like it in the capital region. Thanks to the naturally occurring benefits of the Himalayan salt everyone can benefit from its healing ways.  The Salt room is filled with salt bricks ethically sourced (like all of our products) from the Khewra mine in Pakistan. The founder travels to the mine to ensure that only the top products get imported and that the mine is running humanely! 

We offer both classes and lessons in our Salt Haven. You will learn how to perform Reiki through 4 different stages; Or experience the healing that comes from Reiki.

We offer 5 different guided meditations in our Salt Haven that help you to learn to de-stress, be present in the moment, to visualize and aide personal growth.

Our Yoga classes encourage flow breathing throughout the yoga practice, thereby allowing body, mind and spirit connection in expression of a pose.

Our Happy-Hour offer allows you all the benefits of the Salt Haven.

Experience Himalayan Salt Therapy and Halotherapy at Chacra Wellness in Leduc.

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