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Reiki, coaching, spiritual and energy healing with Alice

Reiki Treatment Room

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Alice (or Gaya as her grandchildren call her) has been in alternative healing modalities for over 2 decades. She has Reiki Grand Master,  Usui Master Teacher, Karuna Master Teacher, Kundalini & Seichem Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong and of course BioPulsar Tech with Colour Energy. She is an advanced Akashic records practitioner, Certified Advanced Yoga teacher (500hr) and Thai massage therapist.

Alice is a Professional Teacher, Workshop Facilitator and has been teaching Usui & Karuna Reiki for many years, adding Meditation (Summoning the Sacred with Deepak Chopra) & Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) Teacher Certification in 2014 – leading to her being nicknamed: The Guru of Frou-Frou!

Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator Certification added 2023.

Access and rewrite your unconscious, subconscious, and limiting beliefs with the tools available through Access Consciousness!

The continuous studies of alternative healing modalities have contributed to her passion for various healing practices like Colour Energy, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils & many more…

Gaya opens doors for you to experience your own life journeys, recognize your limiting beliefs, revisit your inner child with love & compassion and choose your own healing paths in a non-judgemental space of loving energy.


Your healing session can be tailored to your particular needs and Gaya tends to work on a Divine Guidance format, along with whatever Spirit brings in, to BE.

Intuitively she will practice Reiki healing, Pranic Healing, Heart Centered Therapy or make specialized appointments for Raindrop Technique or cupping to be added to other treatments.


All sessions are held in the Himalayan Salt TREATMENT room at Chacra Wellness.

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