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BONUS:  natural healing in our Himalayan Salt Haven 
Yoga is pre-register. We may have drop in spots - call first!
Hatha Yoga is an Alignment based yoga that encourages flow breath throughout the yoga practice, thereby allowing body, mind and spirit connection in the expression of a pose. Being mindful of proper alignment while practicing will encourage the body to heal misalignment naturally while also increasing overall strength, flexibility, and balance. These classes are best suited to those who are beginners, who have age or physical adaptations needed or feel uncomfortable in regular larger classes. Modifications will be offered throughout the class allowing variations in expression of poses dependent on personal abilities. 
Everyone is welcome, however, pre-registration is NECESSARY as our Himalayan Salt Haven is limited in space.
Come and Experience the healing properties of doing yoga in our Salt Haven in Leduc! Various new instructors as well - CHECK FACEBOOK for current offerings.

Alice Chalifoux, Certified ADVANCED Yoga Instructor

* Create your own private classes!!! 
* Minimum of 4 and we can set up your own group classes!

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